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Vogue Business Sustainability Forum: the second edition starts

The claim of the second edition: "Now is the time for change"

After the first edition of Vogue business and Shopify sustainability forum on May 26, 2021, let's go back to listening to the actors of the fashion system on the transition to a more sustainable fashion.

Sustainability has been a value for Vogue business since Rachel Cernansky became a leader in sustainable fashion in 2019.

Rachel Cernansky is head of sustainability for Vogue Business. Rachel also covers the environment and health for other publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post. She is the voice of Vogue Business Sustainability Edit.

Who will participate in the forum?

The Forum will be attended by start-ups, investors and politicians to dialogue and offer innovative solutions and new points of view.

What progress has been made?

Almost a year later, it will be a pleasure to participate in the second edition of the virtual forum to be held on April 28th.

The Vogue Business Sustainability and find out what the new materials will be and how the brands will be able to operate with new business models in the future.

The fashion industry is still under even more pressure today.

It's more than ever necessary to implement the sustainability initiative with the aim of achieving a sustainable business model.

What challenges await the fashion system?

The challenges are many.

First of all, to further reduce gas emissions and waste related to production.

Countries are expected to declare plans to cut emissions and highly polluting fashion industries are called upon to propose concrete actions.

Peoples are pushing for greater specificity than seen in the past.

We need to implement large projects that have a social and environmental impact.

We need a joint plan of companies and governments to find solutions to climate issues globally: the expectations that investors and consumers have are very high, more than ever at the moment.

The challenges of sustainability

Reducing waste is a challenge. This may be due to a conventional business model that depends on increasing production and selling new items.

In the forum, with expert speakers in corporate sustainability, we will explore specific brand issues, global policy issues up to the choice of new materials.

Leading guests in luxury fashion such as Color, Fashion Revolution, Vestiaire Collective.

Here are the confirmed speakers of the Sustainability Forum:

  • the creative director of #Fashion Revolution, Rachel Cernansky, senior sustainability editor at Vogue Business

  • Claudia Richardson, material innovation at Allbirds

  • Omoyemi Akerele, founder of Style House Files and Lagos Fashion Week

  • Kathleen Rademan, innovation platform director at Fashion for Good

  • Kathleen Talbot, chief sustainability officer and VP of operations at Reformation

  • Dounia Wone, chief sustainability and inclusion officer at Vestiaire Collective

  • Joy Howard, founder and CEO at Early Majority

  • Clare Woodford, global director of impact and marketing at Alpine

At the event, the Fashioning correspondent, Lavinia De Naro Papa, image consultant and being in armocromia.


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