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  • MICAM Milano 94: 18-20 settembre 2022

    The next edition of MICAM will be held from 18 to 20 September 2022, the international footwear exhibition scheduled at Fiera Milano (Rho), in conjunction with Mipel, The One, Homi, Linea Pelle and Simac Tanning Tech. Accompanying visitors, the new chapter of the MICAM campaign, which is part of the MICAM Glass Slipper communication project. Finally the protagonist will meet her Prince. Everything seems to be going well, but at the stroke of midnight she will have to escape to prevent her gaze from fading. Fate? A beautiful happy ending to discover in the live-experience at MICAM. For Siro Badon, President of MICAM Milano: “International trade fairs must increasingly focus on innovative and multimedia content. Having effective communication, able to engage visitors by creating engagement, is now a priority. Fairs, in addition to being an irreplaceable business moment, also represent an opportunity to create a deeper relationship with visitors through images. And our communication campaign represents the best visiting card in the narration of the event ”. The excellences of fashion fairs discover the treasures of history Fashion has always been suspended between tradition and the future: it builds styles destined to make an era and elevates habits to the history of costume. I underline the link between art and fashion, between talent and creativity - a heritage not to be forgotten and to be valued - seven trade fairs from the world of fashion were told in the event "the Art of Making Fashion", through significant works exhibited in the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan. DaTe, MICAM Milano, Mipel, The One Milano, Lineapelle, (belonging to the Confindustria Moda galaxy), HOMI Fashion & Jewels Exhibition and Simac Tanning Tech, excellences that will all be concentrated in a few days, have thus chosen a symbolic place in the history of art in Milan, the capital of fashion The value of fashion over the centuries in a game of references between the exhibitions and works exhibited in the Pinacoteca celebrates the happy union between fashion fairs and the cultural event. Learned about Leonardo's invention, a textile machinery that was combined with the technologies presented today at Simac Tanning Tech. The reference to the value of the fashion jewel that HOMI Fashion & Jewels Exhibition presents edition after edition. The portrait of Michel de L'Hospital by Giovan Battista Moroni, which stands out for the preciousness of the wide cape doubled in ermine fur that wraps the subject, characterizes men's fashion, always present in all eras alongside the female one. painting. The One Milano, with its attention to detail, is the event that wanted to be inspired by this painting. An embellishment and completion of the ancient costumes that synthesize aesthetic research and functionality and that over the centuries has become an expression of creativity and refined craftsmanship. A unique legacy that still guides and inspires the companies that will be present at Mipel today. Originality, research, sustainability: MICAM Milano 94 presents 12 new Emerging Designers Great attention on new designers present at the international footwear fair made in collaboration with the Honegger company. 12 young faces of style, ambassadors of innovation and creativity were selected among the many talents registered in the contest by MICAM and by a jury of experts in the fashion and communication sector which this year saw protagonists: Ernesto Esposito (President of the Jury), Tiziana Fausti (President Tiziana Fausti and 10 Corso Como), Cori Amenta (Fashion Stylist), Alessandro Maria Ferreri (Luxury Fashion Advisor), Giuseppe Ceccarelli (Art Director and Fashion Editor) and Karel Losenicky (Fashion Photographer). The 12 Emerging Designers exhibit their creations in this dedicated space. Focus on sustainability in all its dimensions, research of materials and shapes, experience gained in the field, often alongside big brands, make these young people “rare pieces” in the panorama of footwear fashion. They have created new collections, often treasuring their own life paths.

  • Pitti Uomo June 2022: new edition of menswear

    Pitti Uomo: from 14 to 17 June 2022 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, the men's fashion event returns with the participation of 640 companies and new collaborations The show dedicated to men's fashion will offer new contents and collaborations and a rich calendar of events and international launches. At the center of attention are fashion trends, with great attention to the creativity and manual skills of Italian and international designers, as well as a focus on innovation and sustainability. On stage the new collection dedicated to menswear and lifestyle. This year's theme will be "Pitti Island", guide of summer 2022: an imaginary island connected to the rest of the world for a mutual and constant exchange. A sociable, open, thoughtful and sensitive land, an island with selected botany where you can be together before embarking on a new journey. These are the words of Agostino Poletto, general manager of Pitti Immagine: In all this we read a perfect metaphor of our salons and the objectives we want to achieve at each edition, selecting the best of fashion creativity This year at Pitti Uomo, a strong call for innovation. In fact, the DIS stand 11 will be set up in the central pavilion: a location for the "Virtual try On", thanks to the platform developed by Future Fashion, where you can wear shoes in the virtual world. A 3D footwear collection, a mix between technological innovation and sustainability, because augmented reality saves material and production costs. Pitti Uomo in Florence, from 14 to 17 June, will be organized in five macro areas that tell the soul of contemporary menswear: Fantastic Classic, Futuro Maschile, Dynamic Attitude, Superstyling, as well as S | Style sustainable style, a dedicated Pitti Discovery Foundation project to responsible menswear. A 2022 recovering after 2020: foreign trade is back, thanks to favorable dynamics, even if nothing is like the pre-pandemic levels. Now weighing on the economy is the Russo-Ukraine war which has brought about several changes. Fewer people will certainly come from the Eastern markets: this is penalizing for international fairs, such as Pitti, which count on markets of such magnitude. The latest edition focuses on selection and quality and the increase, compared to the past, of small brands and the lifestyle offer. Despite the historical period, 15,000 buyers are expected: there is no talk of a restart, but of a new march and different perspectives of the men's fashion market.

  • Custom Business: bespoke handcrafted business bag

    In 2020 in Verona, in an improvised artisan workshop within the walls of the house, Custom Business was born. A project that over time has transformed into a real brand. Today Custom Business produces handcrafted leather bags, handmade in Italy for men and women. Customizable bags: you can choose the sizes, the leather, the color and the internal fabric and the accessories. Each product is the result of Italian craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation, a tradition that distinguishes Italian genius and style all over the world. The Brand is built on three fundamental pillars: Made in Italy, sustainability and "made to measure". On April 22 the fashion show and the launch of the new bags line in the "Spazio Next" showroom in Desenzano del Garda On April 22nd we were able to touch the Custom Business bags first hand, evaluate their quality and design, listening to the words of Vito who told the story and philosophy of his Brand. A brand, a family, a dream and a project. The bag contains the precise intent to convey the value of handmade and Made in Italy production. Watch the video of the talks with Vito Di Lorenzo: Made in Italy: focus on artisan leather goods and its potential. Interview with Vito Di Lorenzo, CEO of Custom Business When and how was Custom Business born? Ever since I was a child, I used to ask my mom to iron clothes (I still love ironing my shirts and pants today) and give me anything to mend with a needle and thread (all this experience was useful to me when at 26 I went to live alone in Spain for one year). That's why in full lock-down, together with my inseparable sewing machine, I started experimenting with a new way of seeing fashion. Pants, vests, ties, masks, bags in felt and subsequently in leather made on request and made to measure. From there came the idea of ​​creating a brand that would combine the Italian artisan tradition and the innovation learned over many years of work in several different sectors. Tradition and innovation are the pillars of this project to relaunch the real made in Italy in the world. So in May 2020 in the improvised artisan workshop in my home this adventure began in a sector that has a lot of potential, that is the artisan leather goods and specifically the men's bags to start, and then to expand the project to the whole world of women who they work. Hence the name of the company. Custom Business - tailor-made work, because we make handcrafted bags in high quality tailor-made leather and all strictly 100% made in Italy certified by Confartigianato Imprese. What is the philosophy of the brand? Creating custom-made, iconic and personal business bags in leather using fine and ethically sustainable materials, preferring suppliers who follow our guidelines, namely: Made in Italy, customizable and sustainable. The naming is very particular. Why did you choose to call the brand like that? We have a dream, that is: "to make Made in Italy great again in the world" and for this reason we chose a name in English, immediately giving an international imprint to our project. Customizable, agile and unique work; tailor-made translates into: CUSTOM BUSINESS. What is the production process of a bag? The first step is to understand the use that will be made of the bag, to understand the dimensions and any accessories, then a sketch is drawn together, the leather and the internal fabric are chosen and then the construction project is developed. Once it has been ascertained that everything is in line with the requests, we proceed with the creation of the pattern, the hand cutting of all the parts and the hand assembly of the bag which will be unique and inimitable. On April 22nd, we participated in the presentation and launch event of the new bag. How did the event go? Was the public feedback positive? The evening, which began at 9.00 pm, only by personal invitation for the press, entrepreneurs and stylists, in Desenzano del Garda at Spazio Next, took place on the ground floor enjoying an aperitif, and then moved to the upper floor for the real fashion show and presentation of the new line of work bags for women, but also for men, trying to clear this dividing line by transforming it into “fluid”. A segment strongly desired by all members of the Custom Business team. On Friday evening we presented to the press and everyone present some brand new models, but one in particular, unveiled at the end, called “Movi” dedicated to her and him, a sort of unisex bag, “Fluida” in fact. "A new way of doing business animated by tradition, innovation and our three pillars: 100% Made in Italy, made to measure, sustainability". How can our readers contact you? Here are our press contacts. Vito Di Lorenzo +39 3296493353 Email: Website: Instagram

  • Vogue Business Sustainability Forum: the second edition starts

    The claim of the second edition: "Now is the time for change" After the first edition of Vogue business and Shopify sustainability forum on May 26, 2021, let's go back to listening to the actors of the fashion system on the transition to a more sustainable fashion. Sustainability has been a value for Vogue business since Rachel Cernansky became a leader in sustainable fashion in 2019. Rachel Cernansky is head of sustainability for Vogue Business. Rachel also covers the environment and health for other publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post. She is the voice of Vogue Business Sustainability Edit. Who will participate in the forum? The Forum will be attended by start-ups, investors and politicians to dialogue and offer innovative solutions and new points of view. What progress has been made? Almost a year later, it will be a pleasure to participate in the second edition of the virtual forum to be held on April 28th. The Vogue Business Sustainability and find out what the new materials will be and how the brands will be able to operate with new business models in the future. The fashion industry is still under even more pressure today. It's more than ever necessary to implement the sustainability initiative with the aim of achieving a sustainable business model. What challenges await the fashion system? The challenges are many. First of all, to further reduce gas emissions and waste related to production. Countries are expected to declare plans to cut emissions and highly polluting fashion industries are called upon to propose concrete actions. Peoples are pushing for greater specificity than seen in the past. We need to implement large projects that have a social and environmental impact. We need a joint plan of companies and governments to find solutions to climate issues globally: the expectations that investors and consumers have are very high, more than ever at the moment. The challenges of sustainability Reducing waste is a challenge. This may be due to a conventional business model that depends on increasing production and selling new items. In the forum, with expert speakers in corporate sustainability, we will explore specific brand issues, global policy issues up to the choice of new materials. Leading guests in luxury fashion such as Color, Fashion Revolution, Vestiaire Collective. Here are the confirmed speakers of the Sustainability Forum: the creative director of #Fashion Revolution, Rachel Cernansky, senior sustainability editor at Vogue Business Claudia Richardson, material innovation at Allbirds Omoyemi Akerele, founder of Style House Files and Lagos Fashion Week Kathleen Rademan, innovation platform director at Fashion for Good Kathleen Talbot, chief sustainability officer and VP of operations at Reformation Dounia Wone, chief sustainability and inclusion officer at Vestiaire Collective Joy Howard, founder and CEO at Early Majority Clare Woodford, global director of impact and marketing at Alpine At the event, the Fashioning correspondent, Lavinia De Naro Papa, image consultant and being in armocromia.

  • Divapowerdp: the first sustainable fashion brand for Gen Z

    Divapowerdp: Aaliyah Saleh, 15, is the creator and founder of the sustainable clothing brand for young people The story of Aaliyah and Divapowerdp just needs to be told. Not just fashionistas, but all young people and their parents should feel it! It is a story of creativity, personality and strength. How did the idea of your business come about? «As a little girl I always shouted 'Divapower'! Now, several years later, in October 2020 I launched my own clothing line called Divapowerdp. The style is chic but tough, a sustainable Gen Z fashion brand that is good for people, animals and the environment. A sustainable, timeless, stylish and trendy fashion brand. The 'golden edge' on the clothing line provides an extra touch: Divapowerdp. By Divapowerdp I mean power. Ever since I was a kid I have always been creative with all sorts of things. When I was 10, I saved up for a sewing machine and started designing/sewing clothes myself. In November 2018 I finally came up with the idea to launch my own fashion brand. Since then I have worked every day to achieve this, by working hard and having confidence in myself. Many people have the wrong idea about the name 'Divapower'. I would like to explain the name better. I mean absolutely no 'princess / conceited' behavior by this. For me, Divapowerdp stands for hard work, especially if you want to achieve things. Every person is powerful in his or her own way. Everyone can achieve their goals if you just believe in them and take action. It is important to know that Divapowerdp is NOT a fast fashion brand. It is made in a fair way. This means that there are no bad working conditions. Divapowerdp also only works with natural substances.» What attracts you to the world of fashion? «I want to break the stereotype of sustainability. Get rid of the boring image. I'm going to change this with my brand: Divapowerdp stands for glitter and glamour, but responsible and good for people, animals and the environment.» How important it is for sustainability and to contribute with more sustainable production? «Sustainability is a very important part of the Divapowerdp brand. Divapowerdp wants to sell 100% sustainable clothing. Today's youth are often concerned with the appearance and beautiful clothes, but they have no idea how those clothes are made. I found out that there is no sustainable Gen Z fashion brand with the style and trends of today and I want to change that. I always find it very important that people are doing well and that I also contribute to a better world. When I found out how my clothes were made, I was shocked. It made me very sad. I knew nothing about this. I think most young people should know. I want teenagers to open their eyes and show that this way of producing fashion is no longer “ok" and that there is also a better way. The working conditions of the fast fashion industry are not acceptable. People are locked up, mistreated and have to work overtime and receive little pay.» How much has it changed your life becoming a young entrepreneur of yourself? Do you feel close to your peers? «It has changed quite a bit. I am a lot more responsible because I have a company that spends a lot of time and money. Divapowerdp is really my baby and must deal with it wisely. Sometimes I have to prioritize and see what's best things to do. I am very busy! I'm not saying I never go to a party, but I'm not as exuberant as my peers. I feel on the same level, but sometimes not.» I always find it very important that people are doing well and that I also contribute to a better world. Find out more about the brand, visit the website:

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