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The second life of fashion

Journey through the birth of sustainable garments and fabrics and their advantages for the well-being of the planet


Fri 4 / Sat 5 November 2021

Where is it?

Live on Facebook and Youtube

Addressed to?

Sector professionals, investors, designers and brands

How much does fashion pollute?

Ecofashion webinar aimed at promoting innovative and sustainable textile companies and emerging brands

of sustainable fashion.

The dissemination event was created to raise awareness and promote (as well as the theme) the companies and brands that will participate through speeches in which they will tell their story, value experience and the innovative / sustainable characteristics of the product and production chain.

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Missed the live webinar?

Click on the link to review the speeches of the 
our speakers.

Discover virtuous stories and techniques to break down
the impact on the environment and on humans.


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The companies participating in "The Second life of fashion" make sustainability the focus of their production .

They are committed to reducing the consumption of water, pesticides and chemicals, using ecological fabrics and producing their garments in a sustainable way.

Aware that we cannot be 100% sustainable, their approach is focused on safeguarding man and the planet. By setting specific goals, they improve their environmental impact day by day.

We tell their stories and their brand, but The second life of fashion is above all a popular event to create awareness.

Small businesses can make a difference!

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