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We scan the fashion world in search of innovative brands, especially in the sustainability sector, to show all the technology and its multiple applications in the fashion world and how emerging Italian brands are offering new and top-quality products.

Our schedule is studied in detail.


We interviewed more than 130 speakers in the weekly talks dedicated to sustainable fashion and Business, marketing and Made in Italy, where we meet companies that can present their know-how and their USP. We also bring established professionals with whom we engage in discussions about all the news and fashion trends by bringing updates for all the professionals and brands who follow us constantly.  


On FB and YT you can find all our recorded live shows.


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Le presentazioni sono strumenti di comunicazione per veicolare una realtà aziendale/professionista.

Le live sono strumenti per interagire con la nostra community e possono essere usate come conferenze, report e altro.


Le live sono veicolo per la nascita di nuove partnership e collaborazioni.

La nostra community di designer e professionisti è molto attiva e sempre attenta alle novità, alle tendenze e alla tecnologia.


L'approfondimento di argomenti attuali in campo moda, aiuta chi ci segue a capire quali sono le sue esigenze aziendali e se ci professionisti nel nostro parterre a cui rivolgersi in tal senso.

Do you want to participate as a Brand or Professional in our interviews? 
Request more information: write an email to

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