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Divapowerdp: the first sustainable fashion brand for Gen Z

Divapowerdp: Aaliyah Saleh, 15, is the creator and founder of the sustainable clothing brand for young people

The story of Aaliyah and Divapowerdp just needs to be told. Not just fashionistas, but all young people and their parents should feel it!

It is a story of creativity, personality and strength.

Crop top in tessuto sostenibile indossato dalla fondatrice di Divapower, brand per la Generazione Z
Aaliyah Saleh, founder of Divapowerdp

How did the idea of your business come about?

«As a little girl I always shouted 'Divapower'! Now, several years later, in October 2020 I launched my own clothing line called Divapowerdp. The style is chic but tough, a sustainable Gen Z fashion brand that is good for people, animals and the environment. A sustainable, timeless, stylish and trendy fashion brand. The 'golden edge' on the clothing line provides an extra touch: Divapowerdp.

By Divapowerdp I mean power. Ever since I was a kid I have always been creative with all sorts of things. When I was 10, I saved up for a sewing machine and started designing/sewing clothes myself. In November 2018 I finally came up with the idea to launch my own fashion brand. Since then I have worked every day to achieve this, by working hard and having confidence in myself.

Many people have the wrong idea about the name 'Divapower'. I would like to explain the name better. I mean absolutely no 'princess / conceited' behavior by this. For me, Divapowerdp stands for hard work, especially if you want to achieve things. Every person is powerful in his or her own way. Everyone can achieve their goals if you just believe in them and take action.

It is important to know that Divapowerdp is NOT a fast fashion brand. It is made in a fair way. This means that there are no bad working conditions. Divapowerdp also only works with natural substances.»

What attracts you to the world of fashion?

«I want to break the stereotype of sustainability. Get rid of the boring image. I'm going to change this with my brand: Divapowerdp stands for glitter and glamour, but responsible and good for people, animals and the environment.»

How important it is for sustainability and to contribute with more sustainable production?

«Sustainability is a very important part of the Divapowerdp brand. Divapowerdp wants to sell 100% sustainable clothing. Today's youth are often concerned with the appearance and beautiful clothes, but they have no idea how those clothes are made.

I found out that there is no sustainable Gen Z fashion brand with the style and trends of today and I want to change that.

I always find it very important that people are doing well and that I also contribute to a better world.

When I found out how my clothes were made, I was shocked. It made me very sad. I knew nothing about this. I think most young people should know.

I want teenagers to open their eyes and show that this way of producing fashion is no longer “ok" and that there is also a better way.

The working conditions of the fast fashion industry are not acceptable. People are locked up, mistreated and have to work overtime and receive little pay.»

How much has it changed your life becoming a young entrepreneur of yourself? Do you feel close to your peers?

«It has changed quite a bit. I am a lot more responsible because I have a company that spends a lot of time and money. Divapowerdp is really my baby and must deal with it wisely.

Sometimes I have to prioritize and see what's best things to do.

I am very busy!

I'm not saying I never go to a party, but I'm not as exuberant as my peers. I feel on the same level, but sometimes not.»

I always find it very important that people are doing well and that I also contribute to a better world.

Find out more about the brand, visit the website:


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