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24/25/26 June 2021

  • It 's about the three-day webinar here

"United we can change the world"

We started thinking about a green turning point that materialized concretely in May.


The fashion system must contribute to the protection of the planet and we want to do our part.

Such as? We want to suggest methods and new solutions that can optimize packaging costs, create ecological packaging and promote a sustainable supply chain and fashion. This is currently a great challenge.


Fashion is the second most polluting sector in the world, but it is not the only one.

Starting from fashion, we decide to embrace other areas to present a format that presents the theme in the round.


"No Brand is an Island"


The necessary investments have an impact, but they are investments that pay off in the medium term:

forecasts show that you can re-enter  in investments even in just 3 years.
Producing in a sustainable way is a MUST!


Starting from these, and many other considerations, on May 6 we launched our column dedicated to eco-fashion,

starting a new cycle of virtuous interviews: we host young entrepreneurs and expert consultants in eco-sustainability

which together will form a team of super green economy experts.

This is just the beginning!

Our goal is to create a loyal and generous community that shares valuable case histories that will go

to generate a positive impact and a change in mindset .


During the "Ecofriendly vibes" event, starting from ecofashion, we then investigated  all aspects of a manufacturing company.

With our experts, who have actively joined the initiative, we talked about sustainable production and how to promote a change of mindset in companies.


During the three days of the event, the following took part:

-  Antonio Rancati of, Cetri-Tires

- Roberto Pirani of WormApp

- Benedetta Spattini, WHATaECO

- Carlo Ghiglietti, Blue Enzyme

- Antonio Nenna, A green food marketing

- Ferdinando Bonsegna,

- Roberta Bonacossa, Change for Planet

- Marco Piemonte, Greenden

- Dario Ruggiero, economist

- Elena Prestigiovanni, Good Sustainable Mood

- Filippo Sciacca, Sustenia

- Marco Baudino, Future Power-Vipot

- Benedetta Morucci, LAMANTERA 

- Elena Ferrero, Atelier Riforma

- Teresa Agovino, expert in sustainable tourism

  • It 's about the three-day webinar here

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