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Partnerships and networking are essential to create a network of professionals with whom to collaborate and create synergies.
In our virtual showcase you will find professionals to contact for the development and growth of your brand and your company.

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Meet Italy

Antonio Palladino is the founder of Vi presento Italia, the first online shop dedicated exclusively to Italian and sustainable fashion brands.


He currently lives near Milan, where he worked for years in the Fashion System, managing various commercial activities, first in the Fast fashion sector and then in the Luxury sector, always bringing increases in turnover.

He has always loved fashion, and believes that something must absolutely be done to reduce the pollution created by this sector.

Thanks to his project, he would like to create more awareness towards purchases, integrating the online part with the offline, and bring sustainable fashion, within the Retail circuit, to let the customer touch the products firsthand.



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Dressmaker-Patternmaker and Teacher

Claudia Dazio is a great lover of fashion, which is why she decided to make her work and to operate in more fields in order to be able to express more facets.
In fact, she is a pattern maker and seamstress, both in size and made to measure, and creates paper and CAD patterns.  

He transfers his creative side to his textile art works where he experiments with embroidery, textile manipulations and natural dyes.
In addition, he tries to pass on his knowledge to new generations by teaching in an important fashion academy in Milan.  

It offers tailoring and pattern making services and lessons.


📲  tex_tale_lab

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Fashion Photographer

Hi, I'm Dianiel, born in 1987, born in Santiago de Chile.

From the day I bought the Nikon, I started photographing everything that intrigued me and inspired my creativity, such as animals, people and landscapes. I started experimenting with the manipulation of light and shadow until I mastered it in my portraits and created my so-called "border of light" to express all the sensitivity and personality of the subject.


Today photography is my job and my greatest passion. From 2019, finally, I have been working on my own, creating shooting for portraits, concerts and events (such as weddings, new borns ...). I expanded my training, taking the "license" for the drone, which I use to make musical video clips or panoramic tours (for companies and events).


📲 danphotography87

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Image consultant

Born in Milan, her passion for fashion has always led her to gain experience in this field and to specialize in the best Italian Image Consulting Schools.

He obtained the diplomas of Figure Analysis and Armocromia, Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Analysis, Analysis of the Male Figure and Marketing.


His USP is the qualification of Operator in the Language of Color.  It offers color-coordinated services, style consultancy and personal shopping.


  I create ad hoc image consultancy for individuals or corporate teams, in order to find the right dress code in line with the personal or professional goal.

In outfits as well as in the energetic harmony created by the colors it will help you  to get yours  360-degree image lenses.



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Director of Istituto Emme Moda

The Emme Moda Institute of Micaela Quartucci is located in Verona in two and offers a wide range of training and professional specialization in the Fashion sector. 

We train the future stylists, pattern makers and tailors of tomorrow and we also offer short courses, basic courses for beginners or courses designed and studied "tailored" according to the needs, objectives and ambitions of the person concerned.
High quality and fast learning are guaranteed by lessons
individual character with customized programs.
In Emme Moda we give a lot of importance to the practical acquisition of skills and competences, therefore over 80% of the work takes place in the laboratory, in the design and creation of garments and collections, with a view to a direct insertion into the world of work.
A legally recognized professional qualification diploma is issued for longer one-year / two-year courses with final exam, while for the other short and specialization courses a certificate of attendance of the lessons is issued.



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Systemic & Circular Designers

Arianna, Martina and Stella are three professionals specialized in Systemic Design at the Politecnico di Torino, one of the most innovative training courses on an international level.

Through Officine Circolari they offer the business world and the public sector consulting and design services oriented towards the circular economy and sustainability.
Their approach is based on systemic methodology, which aims to transform critical issues into opportunities: what is needed to generate a positive impact on the environment, well-being and the local economy.



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Image consultant

Viviana Norbis, founder of EmeraldCad, is a veteran of the fashion world, and thanks to the experience gained in this sector, she has been able to grasp and summarize the problems and needs that may arise in this work.  


EmeraldCad is an Italian company that aims to facilitate some phases of the production processes of companies operating in the fashion, furniture and other sectors.
All this is made possible thanks to a skilful use of technology in the various stages of the production process, so as to make the entire work flow smoother and consequently increase productivity.

In particular  sale of machinery and plots, software, statistical and programmatic solutions, online consultancy and assistance services, study and reorganization of production processes to improve management.



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